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Our Teachers

Genus Suni the BeeGenus Education employ a small yet dedicated team of full-time teachers who work exclusively in one home- this means the pupils get to build and form strong and positive relationships with their teacher, something which is crucial in achieving success. They take an active role in the education of all the children living in the home, not just whoever is taught on-site, and and built and maintained strong relationships with professionals within local, mainstream provisions so that we can successfully integrate children back into local mainstream schools whenever possible. All the teachers are qualified and vastly experienced and have recently passed their SEN certificate.

Here are our teachers:

Adam Mainwaring

My name is Adam Mainwaring and I’m the Head Teacher at Genus Care.

After I qualified as a teacher, I moved to Tokyo for a year, which was a great experience. When I returned to the U.K in 2007, I started teaching in children’s homes and have never looked back. I’ve been with Genus Care since day one in 2010 and the small, relaxed, personal classes we have are by far the most fun to teach in.

I’m also the Vice Chairman of the Welsh Independent Schools Council (WISC); which lobbies for the interests of all independent schools like ours in Wales.

In my spare time, I enjoy martial arts which I’ve trained since I was 13. I hold 1st degree/Dan black belts in Kickboxing, Judo and a 5thDegree in Kung Fu and teach these in my spare time. I still enjoy competing and I’m a 3x British Kung Fu champion (although I’m getting on now and think my days are numbered). When I'm not doing martial arts, I've normally got my head stuck in a book or walking my dogs.

Claire Collins

I have been a teacher for 20 years. My degree is in Theology and Pastoral Counselling.  I have taught in mainstream, private and special needs schools in UK, USA, Denmark and Thailand. I have also taught French Special Forces in Pau where my skydiving skills proved very useful.
I love to travel and skydive and if I can combine them then that is the best. I hold the record for completing the British Parachuting Association training in the least number of skydives.  I have skydived in over 10 countries and I am the only female civilian to be cleared to skydive with the SAS
I create mosaics to commission and have published a book. I enjoy riding and am learning to paddleboard.
I have fostered 4 siblings and have 4 children of my own
I have worked within Genus Care since December 2017.
I live in Powys and enjoy all the delights that county has to offer.

Dani Hall

Hi! My name is Danielle, I am the teacher at Ynys Y Bwt and have worked at Genus Care since 2018. I have always wanted to be a teacher as, to me, there is nothing more rewarding than helping a child realise that they can do anything they put their mind to. After studying English Literature, Philosophy and Fine Art at A level I went on to fulfil my passion and get my degree in Primary Studies with Qualified Teacher Status at The University of South Wales.

I absolutely love that our small Genus classrooms allow us to tailor the curriculum to each of our pupils to enable them to reach their full potential. I am a strong believer in the importance expressing individuality and will always encourage this from my pupils.

My hobbies include anything arty. My favourite way to relax is to pick up a pencil and draw. I have danced for Cecchetti classical ballet academies and taken part in many ballet performances across South Wales. I also love to travel, experience other cultures and explore the world around me.

Kristian Archer

Hi, I’m Kristian the teacher at Knowle House.  As well as being a teacher I’m a professional musician and studied my BA honours degree at the BIMM Music Institute in Bristol. I have been playing guitar and writing my own music since I was twelve and have had much success with my music whilst I was playing with my original bands. I have recorded albums, made music videos and toured the UK with my bands.

I’ve always had a passion for teaching since my days at Bridgend college where I would help in the night courses with my old music lecturer.   I studied my PGCE through the University of South Wales and graduated in April 2018. I have worked at Bridgend college teaching music studies and that’s where it all started for me. My hobbies are drawing and gigging with my cover band and I love spending time with my wife and kids on the weekend.